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Whether the student is your child or yourself, Martial Arts America has a variety of classes available for all ages.

From beginner-level classes for small children to self-defense classes for adults, our team provides friendly and supportive training to reach your goal of a black belt! You can rely on our trainers, as they have years of experience and are certified.

We are committed to building friendships that last a lifetime and we offer a bully-free zone. We also conduct special martial arts class:
  • Classes for ladies only
  • Specialty classes for adults
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Lil' Dragons - Ages 3-5

  • Focus - focus plays a key role in the mind-set of young children with limited attention spans
  • Teamwork - encourages positive interaction with other students in class
  • Self-control - helps children control what they say, how they react, and what they do physically
  • Balance - increases speed and agility
  • Memory - extremely important for their academic future; it all starts at a young age
  • Discipline - the foundation of martial arts
  • Fitness - achieved through fun and exciting karate techniques and games
  • Coordination - focused drills improve your child's hand-eye coordination and body awareness
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Kid's Programs - Ages 5-12

All students begin as white belts. Students will learn physical movements that help self-defense, including kicking, blocking, and striking. All students are required to uphold respect, determination, and self-discipline.
  • Beginner - the first three levels teach basic karate moves, breakaway / runaway applications, and fast-paced fun drills
  • Intermediate - the next four levels incorporate street-smart self-defense applications, confidence-building exercises, and strengthen skills previously learned
  • Advanced - the last three levels before black belt allow for an exciting new adventure, breaking boards
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Adult Program - Ages 12 and Up

  • Three ranges of striking distance - use kicks, punches, elbows, and knees for self-defense
  • Grappling - if attacked close to your body, learn how to evade their hold and escape
  • Knife defense - basic skills if confronted by an armed attacker
  • Legal weapons - using everyday items as effective weapons for defense
  • Sweeping - how to put your attacker on the ground
  • Pressure points - using effective anatomical points on the body to leave attackers weak and vulnerable
  • Throwing - learn how to safely and effectively throw an attacker to the ground
  • Ground fighting - if taken to the ground, learn valuable lifesaving techniques to get away
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